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Andria Bicknell


writer | blogger | recovering perfectionist

I am a Type A perfectionist.
I am one with my calendar. Namaste.
I keep a type-written grocery list. 
Bullet points and numbered lists kinda turn me on.
I think. I plan. I plan time to think.
I have an oddly intimate relationship with books.
I am a biblioklept. Though, I’ve never been formally charged.
I am a complete dork for brain science, personality studies, and 80s music.

I am discovering Plan B as I go.
I am coming to terms with the fact that life is messy. And, it’s not my job to clean it up.

I am endeavoring to say, hurry up! less and whatevs more.
I am learning the simple power of: Inhale. Exhale. (You just did it, didn’t you?)
I am avidly seeking healthy ways to live and be, to appreciate and contribute.
I tell myself I am no longer afraid of screwing stuff up. And most of the time, it’s true.

I am a recovering perfectionist learning to navigate an imperfect life.
…and I have never been happier. Life isn’t perfect, and neither am I. Turns out, I actually love the mix of
 What the Hell’s and Life is Good’s. My hope is that authenticity and humanity create a connection here where we encourage each other to be brave, not perfect.


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  1. awritersword   •  

    I truly admire your way of thinking, your blog and your words. Thank you for speaking so honestly and truthfully, I thank you for giving me hope!

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