be tender—we are all icebergs

We’ve all felt judged and misunderstood. Certainly, we have all passed judgment and failed to understand. It can become such an instinctive voice of reasoning in our heads, that we become desensitized to the fact we even are doing it. Type A’s can be especially critical—either of themselves or of others. I felt like an […]

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  Fasten your seatbelts all my Type-A’s… Turns out, there’s nothing wrong with a little off-roading. I know from personal experience that if your comfort zone is between the white lines, you would never even dream of off-roading. You use your blinker and obey the posted speed. You map out your course before you leave […]

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the next right step

Type A’s—We like to think we have life all mapped out.  We find comfort in creating plans.  We take personal pride in thinking things through and being prepared for any variable. So when life rocks the boat, we are more likely to be the ones who fall out because we rarely leave room in all […]

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