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Life is Good

Life is good.
Even when it’s hard, life is good.

For me, this always comes in the form of gratitude.

When my heart hurts, or the voices in my head get all grouchy, when I am running like a hamster in a wheel – that is what stops me in my tracks.  Gratitude.  It changes my perspective in a split second…every.single.time.

Gratitude.  It was the life-line that pulled me out of my grief over my divorce.  I needed to grieve.  I needed to get angry and cuss.  I think it was pivotal in helping me come to terms with the fact that I am not “perfect” and that life is not “perfect.”  In that regard, cussing for a month changed my life.  But, gratitude pulled me up and out.  Gratitude made me believe in myself again.  And, gratitude strengthened my faith in a very intimate way.

God says He is the Lifter of my head.  (Psalm 3:3)  If He calls Himself that, then that tells me He expects my head to be down sometimes.  Thank God (literally) – He doesn’t expect me to be “perfect” either.  And when life is hard, if I will get still, that is exactly what He does.  He reaches down, and with both hands on my face, gently lifts my countenance toward His.  In that moment, I can’t see His hands, but I don’t need the things that come from His hands.  I need hope and acceptance.  I need to be loved despite my dirty face and scraped knees.  I need to know He still believes in me.  And that’s when it happens…I become profoundly grateful.  And, it lifts me.

Gratitude works for me every single time.  Even in the mundane daily grind of soccer practices and making lunches.  When I am exhausted from working too late and sleeping too little.  Gratitude is my Red Bull.  It gives me instant energy to keep pressing forward.

Moments of gratitude are the small steps I take when I haven’t the energy to make big changes yet.  |Click to Tweet|  I really do seek to live a balanced life, but sometimes life seeks to shake the tight-rope I’m walking.  So, when I am losing my balance with arms flailing around like a total dork – I seek to be grateful.  In a moment, I become centered.  Grounded.

I am grateful that I get to watch my children play.  Grateful for all the doors God has opened for me this year as a writer.  Grateful that I can work til 11pm so I can take off a couple of hours the next day to read to my son’s Kindergarten class.  I am grateful for a little boy’s kisses good night and “Momma, I love you to the dwarf planets and back.”  I am grateful for sticky notes with hearts and peace signs plastered all over the house and texts from a nine year old who loves her momma.  I am grateful for the most beautiful friendships I have ever had in my life.

No matter how inflated my stress or anxieties become, one little moment of gratitude can instantly deflate them back down to size.  I am truly blessed.

Don’t wait til life is “perfect” to be happy.  Life is not perfect.  Life is good.  |Click to Tweet|

Sometimes you have to look for it.  But, it’s there.  Lift your eyes.  And when you’re too weak to try, let God lift your head.  And in a moment, you will be grateful.  And, you will know:

Life is good.
Even when it’s hard, life is good.


4 thoughts on “Life is Good”

  1. Third time I’ve read it. I must need this. (Maybe that is why the Book of Acts doesn’t have an ending, to leave room for Verses like this…??) Going to print this one…

    1. Wow, really? Thank you, Kurt. Yeah, I like verses that remind me God doesn’t expect me to be “perfect.” What an enormous relief. It’s great hearing from you. You made my day!

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