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Life is Like a Baby

pamela hodgesThis is a quirky little post I’ve written
to enter into a quirky little contest
on a quirky little blog I’ve come to love.

Thank you for the opportunity, Pamela Hodges.
I love your quirky little outlook on life!

tell me what life is like and be in my book…


Life is like a baby.
It doesn’t come with instructions.
Everyone has an opinion about how you are irreversibly screwing it up.
But at the end of the day, what you decide to do with it is entirely up to you.

Life is like a baby.
It imposes an endless series of routines and patterns.
Just when you think you’ve got them down…they change without warning.
And you either learn how to navigate a brand new stage, or it moves on without you.

Life is like a baby.
A source of bliss at 8pm can quickly become
A source of pissed at 2am.
Which is neither the fault of the baby or of life…just the nature of having one.

Life is like a baby.
Just when you think you are the one in control,
It shows you who’s boss.
Someone may end up crying, and it just might be you.

Life is like a baby.
It can stretch you to your absolute limits,
And then when you least expect it…joy comes toddling in.
And though you’ve not one ounce of energy left, you perk up and embrace it with open arms.

Life is like a baby.
You anticipate the next step, dream about what it will become someday, plan for it endlessly.
It surprises you, frustrates you, and sometimes disappoints.
But we rarely realize how precious its moments are until they have passed us by.

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