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Rearview Mirror: It’s For Reflection, Not Direction

Life is traveled on an open road. There is a beginning. An end. And a messy middle.

You can drive like a bat out of hell and fly through life at excessive speeds. Or you can poke along like a 90 year old granny with her nose to the wheel and foot on the brake. Either way, you are likely to pose a threat to yourself and others somewhere along the way. It’s the nature of driving your life. The key is to keep life in perspective. See, regardless of your speed, make or model, every life has rearview mirrors and windshields…pasts and futures.

The Rearview Mirror: It’s For Reflection

The rearview mirror is designed to be a point of reflection. Glance at it periodically. Think fondly on where you’ve come from. Retell your story. Even the places that hurt. It’s good to recount the miles you’ve traveled.

But remember the rearview is for reflection, not direction. It’s not going to take you where you want to go, it’s going to show you where you’ve been. While reflecting on the past is healthy, fixating on it will only make you want to rip the damn thing off the windshield and hurl it. If the past is glaring at you like high beams in your rearview, adjust your focus. |Click to Tweet|

Be grateful. When God has brought you through a difficult place, glancing at it in the mirror becomes a point of healing, a mile marker. Don’t despise where you’ve come from. Move on and allow it to become a part of your journey. Let it be.

The Sideview Mirrors: Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

You tell yourself that the past is behind you. And maybe it really is. But every once in a while the damn thing sneaks up beside you—in your blind spot. You didn’t even realize there was anything back there. And yet, there it is—out of nowhere, some nagging memory of loss, failure, or defeat. It may be behind you, but it is closer than it appeared.

So, your past came sneaking up on you. So what? You see it now. Deal with it. When something unexpected comes into view in your sideview mirror, don’t run it off the road. See it for what it really is, address it and then let it go. Otherwise it will keep riding your bumper like a Mack truck. Let it go.

The Windshield: Embrace The Big Picture

Your big picture is laid out in full panoramic view right in front of you. Embrace it. Use your mirrors as points of reference and reflection, but pursue your destination straight ahead of you. Determine where you want to take your life. Then throw the top back and turn the radio up! Enjoy the drive. Life is good. So good.

It’s Your Life: Own the Road

Sometimes, you just need to get out on the open road and drive, wind in your hair and sun on your face. Embrace life! Other times you may drive like a tourist, slowly taking it all in. And every now and then, you park. You get out and absorb something breath-taking, or passionate, or even painful. When something stops you in your tracks, breathe it all in. Just don’t get stuck there. Get back in and drive.

Learn to love your life, to be grateful for the detours and unscheduled stops. Keep a healthy perspective on your trip. Reflect on your past, but don’t lose sight of your future. It’s your life. Own it, baby!

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