be tender—we are all icebergs

We’ve all felt judged and misunderstood. Certainly, we have all passed judgment and failed to understand. It can become such an instinctive voice of reasoning in our heads, that we become desensitized to the fact we even are doing it. Type A’s can be especially critical—either of themselves or of others. I felt like an […]

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putting my feet down

I’ve been going through a hard thing. Mounting stress, anxiety, and drama have come at me wave after wave—and not in a rhythm I could easily ride out, but one that left me fighting. Difficult circumstances anchored themselves in my life so long, they were beginning to pull me under. Just when I would come up for air, […]

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40 signs I’m turning 40

  Today’s my birthday, my 40th birthday. While I may have a few mixed feelings about the big 4-0, mostly I’m totally excited about it. Really, it’s giving me the biggest laugh! At first, I thought this may be because I am in some sort of denial. I mean, 40 is old, right? So, I […]

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