Scroll down to see a few samples of my work on book projects, blogs, and web content. To discuss any project, see more samples, obtain references or a copy of my CV, please contact me here.


Book Projects



* Edit entire book.

*Collaborate with proofreader.

*Typeset interior.

*Work with designer on interior elements and book jacket design.

* Publish and print for author.

* Coordinate amazon listing and distribution.





* Select quotes from the author to create journal.

* Collaborate with interior designer on layout.

* Coordinate bindery in Fort Worth, Texas with leather book cover workshop in San Antonio, Texas.

* Print and publish book for author.





* Consult with the author about his edited manuscript to determine timeline and steps to publish into a hardback book.

* Collaborate with the graphic designer to produce a full-color book jacket and interior elements to make the content of the book elegant.

* Coordinated with printer to produce author’s book run in time for his 89th birthday.

* Create amazon ad and coordinate distribution.






* Write type A parenting ebook.

* Collaborate with designer on photos and layout.

* Promote on my website as a free eBook.



Web Content



* Create and edit web content for entire site.

* Edit and post author’s blogs.

* Write and post guest blogs.

* Write product descriptions and manage online store.




Web Content for Clifford Roofing

* Create and edit web content for entire site.

* Generate industry-related articles.

* Create social media ads to promote site.

* Collaborate with site developer on layout and design.