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Hello, I am Andria Flores.

Published Author

My first book, type A plans B, is scheduled for release September 2020. It is my compelling, heart-warming, and often humorous journey of screwing it all up, facing down big fears, and finding authentic faith.

Freelance Editor

As an editor, I am committed to communicating every message with integrity. My strength in editing is preserving the author’s voice without sacrificing excellence in language. I work with many first-time authors, helping them draw out their purest message, discover their own process of putting words to paper, and navigate the writing and publishing industry.

Recovering Perfectionist

I spent over three decades of my life in pursuit of perfection, from straight As and gold stars, to marriage, babies, and a career. Once it became evident that perfectionism was actually failing me, my subsequent unraveling led me to discover my authentic self, find vulnerability in relationships, and live life on my own terms. Being a recovering perfectionist makes me a keen editor—and a lot more fun to live with!

About my Work

Author | Editor | Recovering Perfectionist


My Happy Clients

Impressed with the quality

I have worked with Andria a few times over the past few years and have always been so impressed with the quality of her work and her overall professionalism. Her positive attitude and willingness to make anything happen are rare and make working with her an incredible experience.

Stephanie L
Accountant and Manager

I highly recommend her

Andria is an amazing person. Her professionalism and superior knowledge of her field is incredible! I highly recommend her!

Molly A
Healthcare Professional

Exceeded all my expectations

Andria’s work ethic and professionalism met and exceeded all my expectations. As a new writer, she helped me understand the industry of publishing and self-publishing, which can be overwhelming! Thank you, Andria.

Cathy H, Author

Very Responsive

When I started writing my book, it was just my story on paper. Andria has changed that into something that will impact people. She is very responsive and has met all her deadlines while letting me work at my pace. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their project to a higher place.

Tom O
Business Owner


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Plan B

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